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Barjees.com is an online marketplace that aims to be the online shopping portal with the broadest range of products available. Barjees.com is part of “LAVIVA FZE” – (Laviva is part of a group of companies in the fields of real estate development, real estate management, construction, pharmaceutical, retail pharmacies, Ecommerce, marketing and distribution, trading with an experience in dealing with multinational companies and international brands- www.lavivagroup.com) It was established to help customers to have access to all products without leaving their chair. We will do our best to have the best price and quality products. Also, we will provide a wide range of choices to choose the best suitable for our customers need. We have the best professional team around the clock with the most sophisticated technology to provide the best service for our customers. Our main goal is to be the only choice for our customer because of our exceptional service that make them happy and satisfied. Online shopping is still an emerging concept and hence there is always the need of proper communication channels to ensure hassle-free online shopping.

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